We Are Not Amused, Sir Guillaume! – Scott Farrell, Author
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We Are Not Amused, Sir Guillaume!

The collected works of Sir Guillaume de la Belgique

Humorous and heartwarming stories of knighthood, medieval history and life in (and around) the SCA.
With a foreword by Duke Armand de Sevigny, and a special introduction for non-SCA friends, family and co-workers.

For nearly a decade, Sir Guillaume has shared his hilarious views of chivalry, history, medieval re-creation and the SCA in his monthly column “I Didn’t Expect an Inquisition.” This long-awaited book is a collection of Guillaume’s best, plus a variety of brand new material — a witty and wonderful celebration of the Current Middle Ages.

Available exclusively at SirGuillaume.com.  Also visit SirGuillaume.com for related books, videos and CDs!

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